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Gaynel has recently produced another remarkable example of smooth jazz.  His Jazz CD - is so smooth the notes slide off the page, you are sure to achieve satisfaction with this CD, titled "What is this thing called? JAZZ!'

When the last note is played on the 15th track there can be no doubt that the multi-talented Gaynel Hodge wields his voice, hands and creativity to show listeners exactly what this music is all about.  Hodge and his Phoenix-based colleagues deliver inventive improvisation bolstered by a strong swing feeling, two important elements of both jazz and blues. 



What is this thing called? Jazz!

Gaynel Hodge and the Phoenix Jazz Ensemble

  1. Gaynel Hodge - Piano (Tracks 12-15), Vocals
  2. Prince Shell - Piano (Tracks 1-8)
  3. Larry Reed - Piano (Tracks 9-11) Alto Sax
  4. Tom Golden - Bass
  5. Dave Cook - Drums
  6. Joey Trujillo - Guitar
  7. Joe Garcia - Congas

The Website Designer and Developer: Martina Brackney would like to recommend her favorite song off of the JAZZ CD and that is "When did you leave heaven?"  This CD is definitely worth obtaining ****.

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